Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Think I'll Ever Learn???

Wanna guess what the topic of this post is going to be??? It is the newest entry to my punishment list. Now, if you read my blog much then you've probably seen this stupid ooops, I mean perfectly reasonable topic of discussion, multiple times. It is one of my biggest issues and unfortunately for me, one of Professor's "no no's".

Drum roll please.......................

Confrontation! Who'da thunk it? Me.....confrontational? Never!  :)

Well I suppose in this instance I am older brother, some random bimbo at taco bell & Professor all three think I kinda sort of crossed the line.......just a teensy weensy bit. Not that being out numbered really matters........if all I needed to have to save my ass was the majority, I could be pretty darn persuasive. :)  Unfortunately, Professor & I do not have a democratic relationship.........i.e. only His vote counts in these kind of situations. Maybe I should ask what the appeals process is........yeah probably wouldn't be too smart.

Aforementioned random bimbo at Taco Bell made a comment about my mini-me so I did what any other reasonable mother would do.......I got defensive. Actually at first, I just sort of gave her a look and kept my mouth I think I should get a good girl point for that, right? Well apparently the dumb girl didn't know the look on my face was her cue to shut the hell up.......yep, she totally missed that. So she made another comment.......first of all, what the hell kind of adult thinks making comments and faces at a 4yr old is acceptable?

So I very politely.....ooops, I mean curtly told said broad to find some other form of entertainment and stop irritating my son.......if you think he is loud, please understand he got that talent from his mother.......whom you are now actively pissing off crazy lady. Miss Crazy Loud Mouth Toddler Taunter is not being nominated for any awards for perception this year.......she seemed to think my warning was more of a request. She was wrong for the record. :)

So crazy lady and I had words......very loud and probably not so appropriate for public words. My older brother decided he didn't care to bond me out of jail for assault so he grabbed me by my upper arm and escorted me out of the restaurant........for which he became the target of my anger which is not much of a threat to him......he is like a foot taller than I am & a bullet-sponge (military talk for infantrymen) for a a pissed off midget redhead doesn't seem to pose much of a threat to him. **rolls my eyes**

So my girlfriends think I was SOOOO RIGHT for defending my son.........however, my brother & now apparently, Professor, seem to think that she was not a threat, nor did her opinion matter so I should have ignored her and not become confrontational with her. And as mentioned tyrant....ooops, I mean my wonderful Disciplinarian has the only vote that counts in this situation.

Think I'd be pushing it if I demanded a re-count???   :) 


  1. I would be happy to represent you in your appeal. Pro Bono, too. Know why? There isn't one.

    Well, wait a minute. I could ask the professor very politely to reconsider his decision, but when the appeal is heard by the same judge who made the initial determination, I wouldn't hold out much hope for a reversal. Ah, but for form's sake:

    Professor, sir, will you please reconsider whether my client actually crossed the line in defending her son? I thank the court for its indulgence.

    I'm sure he will get back to me with a formal response as soon as he stops laughing. At me, I mean, I doubt he is laughing at you.

    Hey, babe, are you sure you want to go to medical school? You know, lawyers tend to value confrontation, at least the controlled kind that goes on in court and in documents. Just sayin'.

  2. Susan.....LOL! Thanks girl! I might stand a chance upon appeal with your representation if Professor wasn't the judge, jury & executioner.

    I had actually considered law school and my original major in my undergrad was CRJ. I ran into two issues.....#1 cursing in a courtroom is usually frowned upon & #2 when it came to torts & corporate policies, law became as entertaining as watching paint dry. :) So went into medicine instead.

    Now as for my defense.......anyone want to speculate what the outcome would be if I yelled "I object" during the inevitable lecture & spanking I am going to get for this offense? :)

  3. Oh, here's an idea - I could ask for a change of venue for the appeal. (Please note that I did NOT say it was a GOOD idea.)

    Actually, torts cases can be entertaining depending on who picks the ones you read. Corporations, not so much. But the real snore-inducing cases are contracts. If you ever treat patients with insomnia, suggest they read a bit of contract law before bed. Of course, there is the risk that someone will become comatose, but I'm sure that you will be able to screen for that.

    You are right about cursing in the courtroom, though.

    As for yelling "I object," it really isn't speculating when the outcome is a foregone conclusion.