Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Monday, July 16, 2012

Loopholes Anyone??

Cute right? Yeah, I kind of like this and might adopt it as my new excuse......ooops.....defense for my behavior. :)

I am in a naughty mood. Better than that......I'm in a naughty mood that aligns perfectly with another naughty mood with a perfectly naughty outlet! :) One small, teeny tiny issue??......Professor would KILL me if I did this.

Here is the debate my girlfriend has initiated........has Professor ever said I *couldn't* do this? Um he hasn't. But typically I am more of a spirit of the law versus the letter of the law kind of girl. He doesn't have to give me rules spelled out Barney-style for me to know what he would and wouldn't allow. And since I typically like to please him, well I typically avoid loopholes.

TYPICALLY was the key word in that sentence.

I *typically* avoid loopholes but today they just seem so darn tempting, don't they? Maybe it is the heat and all starting to fry my brain.....and if not, it still sounded like a plausible excuse......ooops.....I meant, defense. Perhaps it could be the fact that I haven't spoken to Professor since our session last week.....I mean we have emailed,but I haven't heard his voice. Yes now there is a great if he doesn't get irritated enough when I justify my bad behavior, perhaps I should just blame him for it. Yes that would work out well.....NOT!

Perhaps I should consult with my naughty attorney, Susan, before this naughtiness to make sure I have an air tight defense??? Then again, the fact that I am even blogging this will surely be honed in on by one diabolically strict man, who will see it as premeditation. And as capable as my naughty attorney is, she & I have established long ago that regardless of her defense of my long as Professor is the judge, jury & executioner.....well I might as well not waste her time in articulating my defense, or waste his patience in having to listen to it. Ughhh.

What's a girl to do???

Shall I try hard to find some small ounce of sanity and submission, so that I behave myself?

Or shall I rely on my new found slogan, pictured above, and insist on being naughty?


  1. Natalie Lynn, sorry, but you have no defense at all here.

    Let me explain how criminal law works. In order to be found guilty, the prosecution must show two things - "mens rea" - a criminal intent - and "actus reus" - a wrongful act. (Sounds fancier in Latin, doesn't it?) In nonlegalese, that means that one cannot be held criminally liable for thinking about doing bad things or having a tendency to do them unless or until one acts on the thoughts.

    Laws do not always spell out forbidden acts with great specificity, by the way, so if you know the Professor would view your conduct as unacceptable, that's enough to make it forbidden.

    So where does that leave us? You are considering engaging in a naughty act, and you are contemplating adopting a motto that admits naughty intent? So not good. (Even worse than the grammar of that last sentence.) See, even in a criminal court where the Professor isn't judge, jury, and executioner (as well as author of the laws), you'd be in trouble.

    OK, here's my advice: BEHAVE!

    Yeah, that can be hard and can spoil your fun. It was a perfect 75 degrees today, and I got on the freeway in the Mustang with the top down (I don't think I mentioned it's a convertible), light traffic, and all these guys passing me in their trucks at 80 mph. I really wanted to show them they couldn't take me. But, sigh, I decided I really needed to act like an adult. OK, together now, "Satan, get thee behind me."

    Oh, maybe the professor could record something like, "Don't even THINK about doing that!" for you to play when you start getting tempted. ;) But, then maybe he will think that shouldn't be necessary.

    (Thanks for giving me something to laugh it. It has been a trying day, and I needed a lift.)

  2. Damn that malice aforethought.....gets me every single time! :)

    How is temporary insanity looking as a defense? :)

    Oh and great idea on Professor recording warnings for mobile ringtone is Him so I don't text when I drive any more.....kind of hard to break that rule when His voice is warning me not to touch the phone. Effective even from a distance. :) Gotta love it

  3. Sorry I didn't back to you earlier on this.

    People use the word "insanity" as if it is a medical term. It is not. It is a legal one.

    You are probably aware of the APA Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders which describes various disorders in ways that are uniformly accepted by the medical profession.

    There really isn't anything comparable in law because each jurisdiction is free to define "insanity" differently, and they do.

    Do you see where I'm going? The Professor is the one who will be establishing what constitutes "temporary insanity" in his jurisdiction. How well do YOU think that will work as a defense?!