Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Thursday, July 26, 2012


Many of you are curious as to what my list of rules consist of. 

In many of my blog posts I have made the comment that my disciplinarian, Professor, is not a micro-manager. I've also said several times that Professor has given me very few rules to follow, but that those he has given me can easily apply to just about everything I do in my life. 

Just the other day I referred to my list of rules in a post and a regular reader of my blog sent me a private message asking what exactly my list of rules consists now I will indulge her, along with the rest of Blogger as to the details of my rules list.

Rules List
#1) " must be open and honest at all times and about all things." This is clearly the most vital of all of my rules, for obvious reasons. Professor & I's relationship is one based on open communication and a solid foundation of trust. He expects that not only will I answer any question he asks honestly, but also that I am open with him which means I do not omit or hide things from him.

#2) "Do what you know is right." This is one of the rules that I say can be easily applicable to everything I do and/or say. Professor expects me to not only know what is right, but to also *choose* to do the right thing....which is not always with my confrontational tendencies, sometimes it feels good to lash out even though I know that refraining is the right thing to do. See how this one can cause me some problems??

#1) No more than 2 (two) alcoholic beverages when I go out and choose to drink
#2) I must take my medication as prescribed & follow the medical advice of my colleagues (this probably sounds like a no-brainer to most of you, but working in medicine I tend to diagnose & treat myself without regard for others advice....Professor finally put his foot down on this issue and I am learning how to be a patient now rather than the provider...its not easy.)
#3) Only allowed to purchase 1 (one) designer handbag a month (unless I get prior approval for some special buy 1 get 1 sale...which never happens with the purses I love)
#4) Only allowed to drive 10 miles an hour above the posted speed limit ~OR~ be the 3rd fastest moving vehicle on the road within reason

Restricted/ "No No's"
#1) No more consuming 5 Hour Energy Drinks (Ignored the Cardiologist so Professor now mandates it)
#2) No cursing
#3) No hands-on use of cell phone in the car (No text, IM, email, etc...ONLY hands-free calls)
#4) No chopping off my hair
#5) No hitting anyone for any reason unless it is in defense of my or another persons' life
#6) No one else can/will spank me.....I am *His*. (The only exception to this rule is Professor & I discussing the idea of Him taking me to another disciplinarian of his choosing for a punishment session with Him present to assure my safety.)

Rules for Punishment
#1) Punctuality: No "Natalie-time" (I have broken this one twice and OMG it sucks)
#2) Only speak when spoken to AND directed to do so. Answer all questions simply "Yes, Sir" or "No, Sir" unless asked for elaboration; if directed to elaborate, do so immediately & respectfully. 
#3) No fidgeting, shuffling, etc......stand still with hands at your side unless directed to do otherwise (i.e. kneeling, sitting, etc)
#4) NO GUM
#5) When in the corner, hands on your head with fingers interlocked
#6) No reaching back or covering to block swats and no rubbing afterward (Professor promised me at the start of our 1st session that if I ever did this, he would make me a very sorry girl....I've not ever been stupid enough to test him with this rule.)
#7) Maintain eye contact when you're being spoken to (This one is hard for me and has gotten me punished several times)

So there you all have it! The naughty irish imp's lists of rules and restrictions. See....I told you all that my Professor was reasonable.  :)  Most of them are self explanatory and common sense. A few of them are obviously problem-related and inspired. The longest section is simply a guide for my conduct when I am being punished. Now when I reference my rules list, you'll all feel 'in the loop.'   :)  


  1. Every day I have a some dark chocolate because it is good for you in small amounts, and I love it. Lately, I've been eating Dove Promises which are squares wrapped in foil. On the inside, there are sayings. One that I got today said, "Forget the rules and play by your heart." I think that we can safely conclude that the Professor does not have a side job writing slogans for Dove. ;)

    Yes, it is hard to look someone you respect in the eye when they are lecturing you, and you KNOW you messed up. You just want to hide.

    I can see how rule 2 would be difficult for you. Doing what you know is right can conflict with the desire to do what feels right or at least what feels good. Maybe if you think of it as choosing the more adult path it will be easier for you - I think that would be consistent with what the Professor expects and gets you to the same place.

  2. LOL Professor definitely does NOT write slogans for Dove or fortune cookies....LOL! He has however told me that he expects me to "be good, but not too good" meaning he is reasonable and doesn't want to 're-wire' me because part of what makes me, Me is my wit, sense of humor and sass. He coupled this with "all things in moderation and only in the right time and place" he enjoys my bold wit in casual conversation, but will spank me senseless if I deploy that same bold wit during punishment.....and I learned that after only the very first lesson....good girl :) or perhaps I should say, 'bad girl....good teacher'

    It is always hard to look him in the eye when I know I have messed up, feel guilty or ashamed of my behavior and know that I have let him down. He has incredibly expressive chocolate brown eyes and can thoroughly chastise me using them without a word ever being spoken.

    Rule #2 is certainly the most difficult because it is so easily applicable to everything else. And you're right, what feels good is not always the right thing to do. I am 27 but I know I still have a long way to go before I am truly 'grown up' in everything....I'd say I am grown up in most things like work, school, budgeting, parenting, etc but when it comes to impulse control, temper management, etc I still have things to learn.....I just feel incredibly lucky to have a mentor who knows exactly what I need to learn and that patience to teach me.....he is there when I succeed to pat me on the back and tell me I have made him proud and he is there with a "you know better young lady" and hard, bare bottom spanking when I fall short. I say a lot on this blog and to my girlfriends that I am a lucky girl and have an amazing is so true and I dont know what I would do without him now. :)