Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Friday, July 20, 2012

Naughty Girls Bill of Rights

Help me!!! If you read my blog post yesterday, you'll see that I *attempted* to utilize my 5th amendment in an interrogation with my Disciplinarian. I told him that I have Constitutional Rights and I can simply plead the 5th to defer his questioning of me regarding naughtiness. I thought it was a great idea!.....Until Professor replied to my request. :( 

Below is an actual copy of the email reply that Professor sent to me last night. My Dom is re-writing the Constitution! *Gulp* I am in B-I-G trouble now!


You do indeed have constitutional rights. Here is your Naughty Girl Bill of Rights (note its correspondence to the BoR enjoyed by non-naughties)

1) The right to free speech as long as there are no dirty words.

2) The right of the naughty to bare bottoms

3) No bottom shall be housed in panties without consent of the Disciplinarian.

4) The right of the naughty to be punished.

5) The right to cry.

6)  In all naughtiness, the right to speedy and public spanking.

7) Do not covet thy neighbor's naughty wife - wait, no, that's a Commandment.

8) The right to cruel and unusual punishment.

9) The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by Disciplinarians when dealing with naughty girls.

10) The powers not delegated in this Constitution are reserved to the Disciplinarians because Disciplinarians are always right (The right to be right).

Let's see, you said you wanted to plead the 5th - correct?  I will grant you that one, as stated above, when you see me.


Ladies help me.....what do I do now??? 

Would the American Civil Liberties Union defend me in this case??? 

Perhaps I should go on a 'good girl streak'???

Maybe try to suck up a little bit, sweet talk him & earn some brownie points???

Attempt to withdraw my plea???

Run away and join the circus???

Professor is diabolically creative and insanely intelligent in his own strictly demanding & sweetly sadistic sort of way when disciplining his little girl. With me knowing all of this, perhaps the best  course of action for me would be to B-E-H-A-V-E myself and not taunt & provoke my Professor with smart-assed requests of pleading the 5th??? 


  1. Now that I have stopped laughing, I will answer your questions in the order given:
    1. Pray.
    2. Probably not because he said that he is granting your request to exercise your 5th Amendment rights, at least as he defines them. Besides, no female attorney would be dumb enough to try to defend you in person.
    3. I think this could work if the streak can be measured in months, rather than hours.
    4. Yeah, right!
    5. Technically speaking (or being pedantic, if you prefer) what you are doing is not a "plea." One "pleads" guilty or not guilty.

    What you are attempting to do here is to exercise your right under the 5th Amendment not to incriminate yourself. When someone does that, a court rules on whether the person can do so. I believe that you have already gotten a ruling.

    6. That might work. Were you planning to come up with an act that includes your son and dogs?

    I looked for a way out for you in the revised Bill of Rights, but we keep ending up with laws being written by the same person who is judge, jury, and executioner.

    I am rather curious about one thing, though. I wonder what differences the Professor intended for the 9th Amendment versus the 10th Amendment. To me, they look like they would amount to the same thing unless the 10th to means that Disciplinarians have the right to be politically conservative. (OK, so I'm a smart ass, too.)

    Perhaps behaving would be the best course. I believe I have suggested that before.

  2. Lol! Thanks Susan; I knew you'd do your best to find me some sort of way out of I do absolutely love MOST of the 10th amendment......if it were applicable to ME having the right to be right....but he just had to specify that it applies only to Him. Men...ughh

  3. I had some hope when I read the 1st Amendment as revised. After all, there are lots of things that you could say without resorting to profanity. However, after reading the rest of the document, I concluded that, although bratty comments are not explicitly forbidden under that Amendment, such remarks would put you in jeopardy nonetheless.

  4. lmao! u werent joking when u said this man is a genius huh? i so love this new bill of rights. thanks for sharing it with all of us....just remove it before any of our Doms read it and get any ideas from your Dom. lol :)